Learn to Create POWERFUL Support Letters TODAY!

How To Write Missionary Support Letters that WORK!

Whether you want to raise support for a short-term mission trip or for a long term assignment, you need to know how to write a support letter!  You may already know that raising financial support can sometimes be a difficult — even discouraging — part of your journey to your ministry assignment.

If you’re brand new to missions, this could be the make-or-break task that will determine whether you’re EVER going to go to your field assignment.

If you’re already in the field, KEEPING your partners engaged and giving regularly can be a daunting task.

But one of the keys to success is simply this:

You must learn how to write missionary support letters that really ENGAGE and INSPIRE your partners!

And now you can receive training from people who literally “wrote the book” on developing a strong support team — and KEEPING partners for a LIFETIME!

“Hi…  My name is Jeff McLinden.  Writing support letters can be a daunting task — especially if you haven’t been trained in the fine art of support raising!  I first began writing support letters more than 25 years ago when my wife and I were raising support for our missionary work. 

“It’s been more than two decades since I first had to raise support.  And since then I’ve worked to gain the best possible understanding of how donors think…what their values are…how and why they make support decisions…what makes them start giving…and what makes them stop.  At the same time I’ve worked with dozens of ministries and missions agencies, teaching, training and developing approaches that help missionaries succeed in TODAY’s difficult support environment.


“In fact, I’m now the author of several books on fundraising and communications, including the best-selling book called Partners for LIFE! —  written to help missionaries like you raise support in this extremely challenging 21st-century culture (you can find it on Amazon.com!).

“I want to help you, too, so you can avoid the mistakes, overcome the obstacles you will encounter — and the inadequate training you may have received — and SUCCEED at raising every penny of the support you need for your ministry!

“But just reading books doesn’t always tell you everything you need to know.  That’s why I have created this ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING course so you can get the letter-writing training you need — AFFORDABLY.  

 “I want you to learn how to communicate with support partners so you will be able to raise what you need and keep your partners fully engaged and giving.  This program is structured for TODAY with principles and practices that are tested and proven successful.”

In this video training course we’ll show you how to write powerful support letters that will keep your ministry partners engaged and help them respond with the financial support you need!  You’ll also receive complete step-by-step guides that you can download and use again and again!

“I recommend this training to anyone trying to raise support. We looked at many fundraising training options and this one is best by far for what we were needing.”
Corey & Kirsten Wells, Camino Global Missionaries to Honduras

“The emphasis here on partnership and that missions is a joint effort, not the supporters simply sending a check and never hearing back again, was particularly helpful. And I did notice an increase in giving when I changed my strategy. I would recommend this to anyone raising support!”
Jonathan Clark, RUF

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“I’ve been through the training that Barry and Jeff provide and I am so pleased at how it is working for me!  The real test is in putting into practice the principles and methods they teach — and when I finally started doing that, I couldn’t believe the difference in my support raising efforts. I’m grateful to God for blessing my efforts — and to Barry and Jeff for teaching me just what I needed to do …”
Jack Dody, Missionary Trainer, EQUIP

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